Flat Utility Weight Bench

The Manta Gym Equipment Weight Bench is high-functioning workout equipment that lets you perform the full-body workout. Build a better-looking physique by doing different exercises with this versatile bench.




Flat Bench for Sale, Import Weight Benches from China Factory

The Manta Gym Equipment Flat Bench The Bench Press is the core upper body regimen at the facility of many exercises. The Flat Bench Press, or “Bench Press” for quick, is the core of any type of type of upper body workout. Although it is mainly a chest exercise, the degree bench press works multiple body elements. It is necessary to have excellent position throughout the lift. Keep your back directly, not curved, as you perform the degree bench press.

  • Key Muscle Group: Chest
  • 2nd Muscles: Shoulders, Triceps
  • Workout Type: Strength/ Push Exercise
  • Gadgets: Barbell or Dumbbell or Kettlebell
  • Experience Level: Beginner

To do the workout:

Develop your feet securely under the bench
Squeeze your shoulder blades as you lowered the weight down.
Lower the weight till the barbell or dumbbells are and also inch from your chest.
Explode the weight upwards and extend the weight till your shoulders are shut out.

The bench additionally has a low-profile layout as well as consumes very little room in order to authorize even more area for your numerous other gadgets. This devices can be established in the garage, bed room, or anywhere else in the house.

The Manta Gym Equipment Bench devices is made to provide the outright ideal consumer experience and also to boost human effectiveness. It is our wish to bring you to new degrees of health and wellness, to provide access to every one of the things and also tools you call for to live a fit and healthy way of life, along with to motivate you to push your constraints.

From dumbbell benches to Olympic slope benches, our cutting-edge benches are made to fulfill the needs of professional athletes. Whether you are adding to your individual collection or decking out a commercial fitness center, we have the perfect weight benches to fit your requirements. Beginning purchasing now!

degree bench is a demands to for anyone that is serious about dumbbell or barbell exercises. Developed hard with a 50mm square steel structure that relaxes reduced and broad for optimum stability, our degree bench allows you to work each muscular tissue team with self-confidence. It-Feet’s perfect for workouts targeting arms, shoulders, chest as well as back, in addition to abdominals and additionally dumbbell workouts. The 2-Inch high-density foam padding makes your exercises a whole lot extra comfy, encouraging longer regimens as you continue. The integrated tilt-and-roll transportation wheels make it very easy to move the bench whenever required.

Flat Bench, Flat Bench Press

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Technological Process


Raw Material –>Cutting–>Bending–>Lathe Processin–>Spray Painting–>Sandblast–>Full Welding–>Fitter–>Assembling–>Testing–>Package–>Shipment



1. What is your type of shipping?

By sea, by air, by land, by international express and etc.
We can help you look for the forwarder company with good service and competitive price!

2. How about the payment?


3. How about the delivery time?

Normally delivery time is within 30 days after receiving your deposit, it depends on the order of quantities. According to your requirement and quantity, we’ll complete as soon as possible.

4. What is the MOQ?

The Minimum order of quantities is 1 set.

5. How about your after-service?

We’ll send you the component for free to replace the damaged one during the warranty period. We suggest you update new machine 5 years per time; During this time, any parts missing or broken, just let us know, parts will be sent to you ASAP. And you should share the parts cost and transportation fee.

6. Could you give advice if offer the gym size?

Sure, we have the experience.

7. I don’t know how to assemble the goods, could you help me?

Don’t worry, we have the Installation Instructions and Label No.which help you assemble the equipment.

Good and the professional package is very important for Gym machines, ensure customers to get them in good condition.




  • This unit is only intended for organizations with training areas such as sports associations, clubs, and educational establishments, where the usage is regulated and controlled by a designated person.
  • This unit can only be used by qualified members who are accepted strictly according to certain rules on items such as ages, occupations, health condition, etc. Operations against the regulation are prohibited!
  • This unit must be used under the supervisions of a coach in case of any safety accident.
  • Children must be kept away from the unit in case of severe injury or even permanent disability.
  • Injury to health may result from incorrect or excessive training, please consult the coach to select proper weight resistance and exercise duration.
  • Please select an appropriate weight resistance and starting position (e.g. Adjust seat position) prior to exercise.
  • Check if all set screws are tightened and whether handrails are well fastened prior to use. Otherwise, using it is prohibited in case of any safety accident.
  • For any fault with a weight stack, guide rod or any other mechanical part, please contact professional to fix it immediately in case of an accident as weight stack may fall off.
  • Adjust steel cables to proper lengths, and make sure they are well connected and move smoothly without any twist. The regular inspection must be implemented to avoid any error. If any problem, it must be solved by professionals instantly.
  • Do not return to the starting position too quickly in case of any damage to the weight plates, instead, you must slow down when getting near.
  • No touching steel cables or any moving parts during exercise in case of injury to fingers.
  • Cardiac patients and children under 12 are prohibited from using the machine.
  • This unit is in compliance with EN 957-2.
  • This unit must be located stably with a clearance of 2000mm×2000mm maintained around.
  • This unit is firstly used in training for professionals and secondarily for fitness centers in residential communities and companies.
  • Please stop immediately and consult a physician if you feel any discomfort or abnormality during exercise.
  • This unit must be located stably on an even floor in case of slips during use.
  • This unit must be used in a dry room.
  • Please wear suitable clothes and shoes during exercise.
  • 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up exercise must be taken prior to exercising on the machine.
  • Do not have movements beyond the equipment’s function.
  • Please exercise under the instruction of professional coach.
  • Please check if the unit is well fastened prior to starting your workout.
  • Any adjustment to this unit which may interfere with users’exercise is not allowed to be made.