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Before you learn about the best functional trainers or the best Smith machines, you have to learn the difference between the two. Simply put, a functional trainer is a machine that helps you do several different exercises for different parts of your body, allowing you to get a great overall body workout.

It usually doesn’t take up much room and is rarely expensive, and many people rely on it to get in good shape. By contrast, a Smith machine allows you to lift a barbell and has a place to set that barbell down when you’re finished. It too can provide you with different exercises, but not nearly as many as a functional trainer does.

Why Work with a Combination Machine?

The biggest advantage to using a Smith machine is that you are generally safer using a barbell than you are using free weights. Smith machines reduce the possibility of injuries often associated with free weights, especially when you go to lay the barbell down after completing a set of reps. When you combine a functional trainer with a Smith machine, you get the best of both worlds so you are able to get a complete body workout every time. Fortunately, there are machines that combine both of these machines into one piece of workout equipment, and they are worth every penny that you spend on them.

Since a Smith machine is essentially a barbell machine and sometimes little else, it is easily incorporated into a functional trainer. If you want to find the best functional trainer with Smith machine, you won’t have far to go because these machines are everywhere. The factors to consider when you wish to find one of these machines are:

  • Your budget
  • The exercises that you wish to perform on it (many people do not use all of the exercises available on a particular machine)
  • The amount of space it uses up in your home
  • Its portability (especially if you intend on moving it at some point)
  • How easy it is to use the machine

You might want to start by writing down all of the exercises that you perform each time you work out because this helps ensure that you won’t get a machine that won’t accommodate one of those exercises. After that, make sure that you measure the space the equipment will take up once it’s installed, since the last thing you want is to buy a machine that’s too big and doesn’t allow you to put it somewhere comfortably.

Indeed, finding a functional trainer that is combined with a Smith machine makes it much easier to get a total body workout, allowing you to get in shape much faster and a lot easier than you’d planned. If you’re curious about some of the machines that are top-notch and have high ratings, below are five of them for you to consider.

1. Evolution Corner Multifunctional Trainer with Smith Press (CXT-225)

With three separate cable stations and dual weight stacks, the CXT-225 trainer and Smith press offers everything you’ll need for a great full-body workout. It is made with a corner design that makes it perfect for both home and commercial use, and the wide-frame base allows you to easily access the area in case you want to work with stability balls or a weight bench. With a lifetime warranty for home users, the Evolution functional trainer and Smith press provides you with everything you need to get into the best shape of your life.


  • Comes with 15 Smith press bar catches
  • Has a rotating storage rack for accessories made out of solid steel
  • Allows for single or dual arm movements, thanks to fixed lat and low row stations
  • Has adjustable cable ratio of 1:2 or 1:4 for extended cable travel
  • Saves space because it is designed to fit in the corner of the room


  • Very pricey at a little more than $6000
  • Very heavy and difficult to move

2. Mi7Smith Functional Training System

This complete training system has just about everything you need to get a great workout, including two 150-pound weight stacks that you can upgrade to 200 pounds if you like. It has a streamlined design to keep most of the hardware out of view, 360-degree rotating columns with an integrated adjustment system, accessory connectors that you can operate quickly with one hand, and non-marring feet that allow you to use the machine without worrying about it marking up your floors. It is also very compact and doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.


  • Total of 28 pulley adjustment points per column so you can use the sides independently or together
  • Free app for lots of exercise suggestions
  • Rack-outs that are covered in polyurethane for quieter workouts
  • Flip’n’Dip technology that provides five pull-up grip options, which includes rock grips
  • Water bottle holder and accessory rack for convenience


  • Very pricey at close to $7700

3. Ntaifitness 5-in-1 Combo Smith Machine

Looking for a great functional trainer with Smith machine isn’t difficult if you start with companies that specialize in exercise equipment. This Ntaifitness THEARCHY-2112 5-in-1 combo Smith machine consists of a power rack, self-aligning linear-bearing Smith press system, cable pulley system, core trainer, and chin-up station in one piece of equipment. If you want a complete workout machine, the only thing that you’ll need to add is an exercise bench and you’re all set. Plus, at just under $2600, it is a lot less-expensive than many complete workout machines now on the market.


  • Combines five exercises in one for a complete total-body workout
  • Can change height positions to exercise every part of the body
  • Comes with band pegs for extra help or for more resistance so you can get a better workout
  • Made with aviation-grade cables
  • Has heavy-duty steel frame just the same as the ones used in commercial facilities


  • Comes with somewhat limited warranties, except for the 10-year warranty on the frame

4. Force USA G6 All-in-One Trainer

Priced at just under $4500, this all-in-one trainer offers a complete functional trainer, power rack, dip station, chin-up station, Smith machine, low row, leg press, core trainer, and suspension trainer, which is an awful lot of powerful equipment for this price. You get two stack weights of 220 pounds each, six weight plate holders, a 2:1 cable pulley ratio, and 17 different attachments, which are enough to provide you with a super-powerful workout each and every time.


  • Over 150 possible exercises
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Design that is recommended for home use so it’s perfect for individual users
  • The original pin- and plate-loaded trainer
  • Nine strength-training machines in one


  • A little pricey for some people

5. Marcy Smith Multifunction Rack and Training Station

With this customizable workout station, you won’t need anything else to help you accomplish your fitness goals. It comes complete with multi-grip pull-up bars, a Smith station, utility bench, squat rack, and a power tower. When you work out, you don’t have to go to the gym; instead, you can exercise at home. Priced at just under $1800, the station is also affordable for almost everyone and even has a rowing cable in case you’d like to do seated rows to develop upper-arm and back muscles. You even get a durable pulley system in case you want to do crossover workouts.


  • Is very reasonably priced
  • Gives you the ability to do chin-ups, hanging leg raises, pull-ups, and much more
  • Lets you attach resistance bands to the pull-up bars
  • Has a maximum bench capacity of 600 pounds
  • Allows for quick and easy, yet efficient workouts


  • Some complaints about receiving an incorrect part

Enjoying the Benefits of the Functional Trainer/Smith Machine

When you decide to buy a combination functional trainer/Smith machine, you get a lot of benefits besides just convenience. These include the following:

  • Squatting is a bit easier for people with injuries or knee pain because of the way it is built
  • They cost much less than buying each machine separately
  • You can use the barbell at any point during the exercise
  • You get a smooth weight-and-pulley system that makes the exercises easier

But of course, the main benefit of using this type of machine is the sheer convenience of owning it. When you buy the right multi-functional Smith machine/trainer system, you really do get the best of both worlds, allowing for a much more efficient workout session every time.


While a functional trainer is a great piece of equipment and so is a Smith machine, it’s even better if you can find a machine that does both. Most people cherish their workouts because they usually don’t have a lot of time to do them, and these machines make for a better use of the user’s time.

They cost a lot less than you think and are made with high-quality parts by reputable companies. Even better is the fact that many of these companies are making commercial-quality machines at prices that individuals can afford.

Whatever you’re looking for in one of these machines, you’ll find it if you put forth the effort, and it is all but guaranteed that they’ll cost less than you originally thought.

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