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Are you trying to find a brand-new or pre-owned Upper leg Abductor Machine? The Hip Abductor is the very best Exterior Thigh Machine Gym workout machines.

Abductor can help you secure against as well as additionally deal with hip problems along with make your legs a lot more efficient. It’s a professional product especially created for rehab and also sporting activity. Itis a fantastic piece to boost your outer upper legs.

The Thigh Abductor Machine, like the rest of Manta Gym equipment align, is complete commercial-quality. Backed by an extensive assurance, the Abductor is an excellent choice for equipping any kind of sort of weight area, enjoyment center, apartment building or expert health club.

All our styles are according to the human workout physiology concept designed for complete accord with body muscular tissue. As we all identify, top quality is the most effective factor for a health club. We utilize our genuineness to get a high on-line track record as well as also long-term consumers.
The abductors are mostly accountable of hip abduction, yet likewise aid with inner (median) and also outdoors (side) hip turning.

Hip Adductor occurs at the hip when you open up the legs much from centerline– an imaginary vertical line along the center of the body separating the left and also best sides. The hips are abducted when you take a large stance to preserve your stability on the train.

Inner (median) transforming is turning of the leg at the hip joint toward centerline, while outdoors (side) turning is turning of the leg at the hip joint far from centerline. In inner turning, the knees point in towards each various other. In outside switching, the knees intend far from each various other.

The Adductors are furthermore team of 4 extremely strong muscles in the outer upper leg. A plethora of health and wellness programs specifically target enhancing the abductors en masse and likewise a lot more especially, the 3 abductors that comprise the “glutes”.

Indicators like “record your butt!” while carrying out squats as well as additionally different other leg-focused exercises are suggested to target this muscle mass group, although there are maybe more reliable ways to enhance these muscular tissues.


Technical Specifications
Overall “static” dimensions (L x W x H) 182 x 173 x 135 cm / 71.6″ x 68″ x 53″
Overall “in-use” dimensions (L x W x H) 182 x 173 x 135 cm / 71.6″ x 68″ x 53″
Machine Weight 277 kg / 611 lbs
Shipping weight 322 kg / 710 lbs
Total stack weight 90 kg / 200 lbs
Max Training Weight 93.4 kg / 207.5 lbs
Incremental weight system 1.1, 2.3, 3.4 kg / 2.5, 5, 7.5 lbs
Consistent 53” stack height Yes
Weight stack guarding Full front and rear shields
Color-coded pivots & points of adjustment Yes
Integrated leveling system Yes, top-down leveler
Machine anchoring Independent machine hold down brackets
Front placards Muscle call outs, exercise specific stretching, start & finish exercise illustrations, proper machine adjustments, color-coded machine identification
Personal storage Two tactile storage mats, personal device cradle, and towel hook
User adjustment range 7 Knee pad positions
Machine assisted user adjustments 3 Back pad angle positions
Contoured seat Yes
Cable transmission Internally lubricated cables & fittings
Frame finish Proprietary two-coat powder process
Available frame colors Iced Silver, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Lace White, Polarized Titanium

Important: The Thigh Abductor Machine is a built-to-order product and may require a 3-6 week lead time. The Hip Abductor shown above uses a custom color configuration. Manufactured in China.

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Technological Process


Raw Material –>Cutting–>Bending–>Lathe Processin–>Spray Painting–>Sandblast–>Full Welding–>Fitter–>Assembling–>Testing–>Package–>Shipment



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By sea, by air, by land, by international express and etc.
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Normally delivery time is within 30 days after receiving your deposit, it depends on the order of quantities. According to your requirement and quantity, we’ll complete as soon as possible.

4. What is the MOQ?

The Minimum order of quantities is 1 set.

5. How about your after-service?

We’ll send you the component for free to replace the damaged one during the warranty period. We suggest you update new machine 5 years per time; During this time, any parts missing or broken, just let us know, parts will be sent to you ASAP. And you should share the parts cost and transportation fee.

6. Could you give advice if offer the gym size?

Sure, we have the experience.

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Don’t worry, we have the Installation Instructions and Label No.which help you assemble the equipment.

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  • This unit is only intended for organizations with training areas such as sports associations, clubs, and educational establishments, where the usage is regulated and controlled by a designated person.
  • This unit can only be used by qualified members who are accepted strictly according to certain rules on items such as ages, occupations, health condition, etc. Operations against the regulation are prohibited!
  • This unit must be used under the supervisions of a coach in case of any safety accident.
  • Children must be kept away from the unit in case of severe injury or even permanent disability.
  • Injury to health may result from incorrect or excessive training, please consult the coach to select proper weight resistance and exercise duration.
  • Please select an appropriate weight resistance and starting position (e.g. Adjust seat position) prior to exercise.
  • Check if all set screws are tightened and whether handrails are well fastened prior to use. Otherwise, using it is prohibited in case of any safety accident.
  • For any fault with a weight stack, guide rod or any other mechanical part, please contact professional to fix it immediately in case of an accident as weight stack may fall off.
  • Adjust steel cables to proper lengths, and make sure they are well connected and move smoothly without any twist. The regular inspection must be implemented to avoid any error. If any problem, it must be solved by professionals instantly.
  • Do not return to the starting position too quickly in case of any damage to the weight plates, instead, you must slow down when getting near.
  • No touching steel cables or any moving parts during exercise in case of injury to fingers.
  • Cardiac patients and children under 12 are prohibited from using the machine.
  • This unit is in compliance with EN 957-2.
  • This unit must be located stably with a clearance of 2000mm×2000mm maintained around.
  • This unit is firstly used in training for professionals and secondarily for fitness centers in residential communities and companies.
  • Please stop immediately and consult a physician if you feel any discomfort or abnormality during exercise.
  • This unit must be located stably on an even floor in case of slips during use.
  • This unit must be used in a dry room.
  • Please wear suitable clothes and shoes during exercise.
  • 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up exercise must be taken prior to exercising on the machine.
  • Do not have movements beyond the equipment’s function.
  • Please exercise under the instruction of professional coach.
  • Please check if the unit is well fastened prior to starting your workout.
  • Any adjustment to this unit which may interfere with users’exercise is not allowed to be made.